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XCMG XR360 rotary drilling rig

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XCMG XR360 rotary drilling rig
The XR series of rotary drilling rig is produced by Xugong Group through years of research and development, with wide reference to advanced overseas technologies, depending on the powerful strength of construction machinery manufacturing. The product has good quality and reliability, and it is applicable to the ground conditions in most places in China.
XR series of rotary drilling rig
Technical Features:
- It adopts the special telescopic hydraulic crawler chassis for rotary drilling rig, meets the requirements of extra stability and transportation convenience.
- The imported Cummins turbocharged engine (Euro Ⅲ standards) has enough power reserve, which meets the requirements of working at plateau areas, and the noise and emission all meet national standards. Optimal constant power output keeps the machine working under optimum conditions.
- The hydraulic system adopts load sensing technology, which makes the system more efficient and energy saving. The system adopts heavy load hydraulic components, which make the machine applicable to various kinds of work conditions.
- The patented rectangle articulated system makes the work area more wide. The mast adopts high strength box type, it has high rigidity and anti-flex ability, which effectively guarantees the precision of boring. The articulated parts all adopt lubrication-free bearings, ensuring flexible rotary. 360º superstructure slewing, and the dregs can be released at any angle.
- The intelligent control system with independent intellectual property right, CAN general line, and PLC control system, including automatic/ manual adjustment of the vertical angle of drilling mast, automatic measuring and displaying of depth, automatic slewing positioning, intelligent troubleshooting control, and etc.
- The rotary drive adopts three speed redactors, meets the requirements for big torque output.
Main Technical Data of XR Series Multi-functional Combined Rotary Drilling Rig 
model  XR360 rotary drilling rig
EngineModel CUMMINS QSM11-C400
Rated PowerKW/rpm298
Rotary DviveMax. output torquekN·m360
Rotary speedr/min6~25
Max. Drilling DiameterWith casingmmФ2000
Without casing mmФ2500
Max. Drilling Depthm96,82, 66
Pull-Down CylinderMax. pull-down piston pushKN240
Max. pull-down piston pullKN220
Max. pull-down piston strokem6.0
Main WinchMax. pulling forceKN320
Max. pulling speedm/min≥72
Auxiliary WinchMax. pulling forceKN100
Max. pulling speedm/min≥65
Mast RakeSide/forwards/backwards ±4°/5°/15°
UndercarrigeMax. traveling speedKM/h1.5
Max. grade ability%40
Min. Clearancemm425
Track shoe widthmm800
Distance between tracksmm3500~4800
Hydraulic SystermWorking pressueMpa33
Overall Drilling Weightt90
DimensionWorking conditionmm11000×4800×24586
Transportation conditionmm18810×3500×3500
Note:The specifications and other any information on the web are subject to change without notice.

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XCMG XR360 rotary drilling rig
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