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XCMG XR120 Rotary Drilling Rig

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XCMG XR120 Rotary Drilling Rig
The XR series of rotary drilling rig is produced by Xugong Group through years of research and development, with wide reference to advanced overseas technologies, depending on the powerful strength of construction machinery manufacturing. The product has good quality and reliability, and it is applicable to the ground conditions in most places in China.
XR series of rotary drilling rig

Technical Features:

- Load sensing hydraulic system.
- Color LCD makes the operation flexible and convenient, automatic measuring and control of the boring depth and vertical rake, and automatic failure control and alarming system.
- Utmost power control system and automatic slewing positioning function.
- Telescopic crawler chassis, H-shape frame structure.
- The whole machine (without removing the drill pipe) can be transported in long distance.
- GPS global positioning system, remote data analysis, remote real time monitoring, and remote troubleshooting.

Main Technical Data of XR Series Multi-functional Combined Rotary Drilling Rig
model  XR120 Rotary Drilling Rig
EngineModel CUMMINS 6CTAA8.3-185
Rated PowerKW138
Rotary DviveMax. output torquekN·m120
Rotary speedr/min8~26
Max. Drilling DiametermmФ1500
Max. Drilling Depthm51,41
Pull-Down CylinderMax. pull-down piston pushKN114
Max. pull-down piston pullKN148
Max. pull-down piston strokem3.8
Main WinchMax. pulling forceKN135
Max. pulling speedm/min≥70
Auxiliary WinchMax. pulling forceKN60
Max. pulling speedm/min≥70
Mast RakeSide/forwards ±3°/5°
UndercarrigeMax. traveling speedKM/h2.0
Max. grade ability%40
Min. Clearancemm352
Track shoe widthmm700/800
Distance between tracksmm2250~3300
Hydraulic SystermWorking pressueMpa30
Overall Drilling Weightt41.5
DimensionWorking conditionmm7310×4000/4100×17260
Transportation conditionmm13200×2995/3050×3460
Note: The specifications and other any information on the web are subject to change without notice.
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XCMG XR120 Rotary Drilling Rig
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