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XCMG GR215H Motor Grader with engine power 160kw

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XCMG GR215H Motor Grader with engine power 160kw

Main Features of GR215H Motor Grader

GH215 fully hydraulic grader is equipped with the imported travel pump and motor, H type shift lever, single lever operation system, load sensing fully hydraulic steering system, double-circuit braking hydraulic system, diamond front inclining cab and new angle-adjusted panel. The machine features strong power, flexible and convenient operation.
- The travel system adopts the hydrostatic drive of one pump and one motor. Two-gear transmission can swift between high and low speed, and the wide shift range can satisfy the requirement of large traction work and high-speed travel. The inner NO-SPIN self-locking differential of the rear axle guarantees the strong and stable traction output.
- The advanced H type shift lever makes the gear control flexible and convenient. The machine features three gear modes which are manual gear, automatic gear and typical working mode. Once select the typical working mode, operate the shift lever, the gear will automatically realize the swift between forward low speed and reverse high speed, which is adapting to the typical working condition of the grader.  
- The single lever operation system, solely created by Xugong, cancels the traditional method of multiple levers operation of the grader. It integrates the operation of several devices into the single cross handle. The easy and convenient right-hand operation decreases the labor intensity of the driver and provides excellent comfortability.   
- The electrical system adopts PLC controller specially used in construction machinery, which can realize the gear control, engine over loading protection, condition monitoring and error notice.
- The product can be equipped with front bulldozing plate, rear scarifier, and front harrow, hydraulic pin-pulling device, rolling ball disk, and imported or domestic automatic leveling system, which further expands the function of the grader.

Main Structure of GR215H Motor Grader

Technical Parameter

GH215 Motor Grader

Engine rated power/rev160kW/2200rpm
Distribution weight of front wheel4950kg
Distribution weight of rear wheel11550kg
Min. clearance430mm
Front and rear axle clearance6219 mm
Front and rear axle clearance1639mm
Max. steering angle of front wheel±50°
Max. inclination angle of front wheel±17°
Max. swing angle±15°
Frame steering angle±27°
Min. turning radius7.3m
Forward speed5、8、11、16、26、38 km/h
Reverse speed5、11、26 km/h
Max. lifting height460mm
Max. Digging Depth500mm
Max.inclination angle90°
Cutting angle28°—70°
Rotating angle360°
Blade length × arc height4270×610mm
Driving wheel no.4
Note: The specifications and other any information on the web are subject to change without notice.

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End of XCMG GR215H Motor Grader with engine power 160kw

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